Thinking about the timeline of your wedding day? Let me help!

Sometimes the timeline of your wedding day is the LAST thing you think about.; I mean you have a whole day, won’t it just happen? I get it, so here are a few tips that can help you decide when your day should start and end! I also provided a little free template you can use to help schedule your big day, holllaaaa!


Tip #1—special moments

Deciding what’s important on your day. Do you want a first look or an aisle look? Do you want to have a quiet moment alone with your lover or just jump right into the party? Knowing these details and planning for them will help you create a schedule that allows for these moments and really point you in the direction of what is the MOST important on YOUR day. Scheduling gets crazy, write down the important moments and plan for those first. the rest will fall into place itself.

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Tip # 2 — plan for the UNEXPECTED.

Always, always, always, give yourself a MINIMUM of 30 minutes that is a cushion for your day. Meaning, if you plan for your ceremony to only be 20 minutes, write it down as 25 minutes. If you think your first dance will only be 4 minutes, plan for 9 minutes. Nothing ever goes as plans, and if it does, then you get an extra 30 minutes with your loved ones at the end of the night! holllaaa! Always better to be safe than sorry, and you would be sorry if you missed out on special moments due to time constraints. Give yourself the extra minutes to deal with the unexpected, and allow yourself some breathing room. This will help your sanity, I promise!

Tip # 3— weather and sunset

Look at previous years sunset times and weather patterns. THIS IS CRUCIAL. knowing what time your sun will be going down will give you and your photographer an idea of when and how photos will be shot. For example, knowing the sunset is at 5:30, will help guide you to make the decision to have your ceremony and family pictures done by 4:30 so you can guarantee those perfect sunset pictures. Or if you need to have your reception at 2 pm, you will want to know if the sun is in the east or in the west so you can plan your ceremony location so the sun is behind you and not beaming on your face during the hottest time of day.

Want a free sample timeline? Type your name and email and its all yours babe!