California Redwoods Elopement | Becky + Derek

Inspiration for elopements in the gorgeous California Redwoods. Definitely one of my favorite elopement locations in all of California. These big tall trees tucked away in Roseville California make you really wish you never had to leave this beautiful area. Eloping, sightseeing, traveling, anything. You can do it all and still be so amazed at the sights here under the big trees.

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Abbey ArmstrongRedwoods
Fall Engagements in Idaho | Pocatello Photographer

We may have had a lot of random dirt and prickly things in our shoes after the mountain part of our sash, but you bet your ass it was worth it. I mean LOOK AT THAT SUN. Lili and her man said “do what you want” and I said, well don’t mind if I do. we danced, we did awkward calling mating sounds, we rubbed our noses together for weird amounts of time (when i say we I meant them, just to clarify) and had a hell of a good time doing it. Heres to for ever long nose touches.

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Rose Wood Events Center | Pocatello Id Wedding

So interestingly enough, I instagram stalked Rylee about a month before she contacted me to do her wedding and put her on my “people I want to shoot asap” list So when she contacted me about doing her wedding I legit think I double checked the name 12 times on the email. Can you blame me? And even better? She’s a dancer. I knew I could get down with her at the wedding so what did I do? Got down with her at the wedding of course. Im sure you’re wondering where Kolton was? Oh right next to use. Don’t worry, men love to dance at night too, they just don’t know it yet. Happy dancing and endless love to the prettiest couple I know.

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Firth Idaho | Engagements

Amanda said “ good luck getting tucker to smile” and I said, challenge accepted. Men laugh at 3 things, sex jokes, jokes about their women, and dancing. So what did we do? we talked about sex, laughed about how he took forever to propose and made them swing dance. Lets just say, I definitely executed the challenge. Ill see you in June tucker, and may your dancing boots be with you.

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