Idaho and Utah Wedding Photos | Kaitlyn + Tyler

Kaitlyn and Tyler were married on June 1st in the Brigham City Temple in Utah. It was a beautiful day and they were surrounded by so many friends and family. Seriously, these guys had so many friends and family members there, it was a huge love fest! I love seeing families with the couple after they come out of the temple. There is some anticipation built up for those who were waiting outside. Then when they come out everyone is so happy and excited, and these guys were no exception. The bridal party and the whole family were there with bells on. They were all so happy and having so much fun! The groomsman were a hoot. They had a lot of fun coming up with poses for pictures. This whole group was just great to work with! 

After we were finished at the temple the couple had a back-yard reception. What comes to your mind when I say ‘back-yard reception’? I feel like back-yard weddings and receptions get a bad rap. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel like people think that back-yard weddings are less than glamorous, but I love them! So many people these days have GORGEOUS back-yards or know someone else who does, and it is a great way to save money in your wedding budget. It is no secret that venues can be expensive, sometimes very expensive. If you could spend that portion of your budget somewhere else, have the same outdoor aesthetic you were looking for, and potentially have more privacy, why wouldn’t you? If you are considering an outdoor wedding, I would urge you to look into a back-yard venue. It can be just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, for a fraction of the cost and you don’t have any venue rules to follow. We can party ALL NIGHT LONG. Hell ya!

Kaitlyn has great style and their reception was Pinterest porn. Seriously, it was so beautiful, and the details were incredible. Everything from the centerpieces to the sign in table, there were so many small details that made it just a dream. They had chalkboard signs that were hand written, one of them was the dates of their milestones (when they met, kissed, got engaged) and it looked super cute. The patio at this house was beautiful. There was part of it that looked like a checkerboard and it was so fun! They had rustic wooden décor touches everywhere like barrels, the cake was on a tree slice, and they had some old wooden doors. They made the grass area their dance floor. Their cake was so cute, and it was decorated with wooden flowers that matched their color scheme. That leads me to two other things that I loved about this wedding, the flowers and the color scheme. The flowers and the greenery were so, so gorgeous. There were little greenery touches all over the place that made it just incredible. When floral arrangements are done well, they really add to the décor without being distracting and these guys nailed it. The color scheme that these two chose to go with was so pretty. They went with more of a pallet of blue with multiple tones. One reason I loved it was because all of the bridesmaids were dressed in different shades of blue, but the tones complemented each other so well. It gave each of the bridesmaids an individual look, but they still looked like they were part of the same bridal party. The greenery also really complimented the blue tones and it was just all so beautiful. Could I say that a few more times? This venue was beautiful. The couple was beautiful. The family, the bridal party, the flowers, all beautiful. This wedding was just BEAUTIFUL. Okay, I will stop saying it now. 

Kaitlyn and Tyler are such a great couple. I cannot say enough good things about them because they were so kind and great to work with. Kaitlyn told me this story about her last name, and it stuck with me because I think it is so funny. Kaitlyn’s maiden name is Fackrell and her Instagram name used to be kaitlynfatgirl because no one could pronounce her name and if you say it quickly it sounds like fat girl so she just ran with it! I love that attitude! I feel like that is one of those things that people say that could really hurt your feelings but not Kaitlyn! She just took the bull by the horns and changed her Instagram name. What a power move, right? Even though it is a little less exciting, I think Kaitlyn appreciates her new last name (which is Anderson). It is stories like this one that make me love my job so much. I love getting to know my people and getting to build such great relationships with them. I am so glad I got to be part of Kaitlyn and Tyler’s special day!