Pocatello Photographer | Abbey Armstrong Photography

Hi babes!

I’m Abbey, The chick behind the camera. lets get through the boring stuff, I am from Pocatello Idaho. I specialize in Wedding photography, Couples Photography, and Birth photography. I know that sounds like the most random thing ever, but have you ever seen someone give birth? Slow dance with their dad at their wedding? Be so in love that it like makes in cringe? Well I have. And it is INCREDIBLE. I cannot express it enough. I love raw moments. I don’t give a shit how perfect the images on instagram seem, or how fluffy your hair is, or anything like that. I give all my attention to you, and that moment you are in. At the end of the day no one cares about all the money you spent on these moments if you don’t have anythignto show for it. Your kids, kids, kids, kids etc will never even know who you are unless you leave something to be remembered by. You are a generation of your family that you don’t want to be forgotten. I shit you not I thank my grandparents every time I see them for supplying me with pictures that I now get to show my kids in years (YEARS) to come. Don’t keep second guessing yourself, waiting to be skinner, waiting for the perfect time, waiting waiting waiting, LETS DO IT. Let’s give your kids a memory of you for later in life.

Abbey Armstrong