Pocatello Idaho | bridal photos | Kaitlyn + Tyler

Kaitlyn has been such a fun bride to work with! She called me back in January to book for their wedding and she was so stoked! I love when brides have good energy and are excited like that! I say this about everyone but these two are the CUTEST COUPLE. They are so in love and so fun to be around. We had a great time shooting all of their pictures and I love when that happens! There is nothing better than when we go to shoot and just have so much fun the entire time! 

This spring has been testing my patience. You guys, I have had THE WORST luck with weather this spring. I am sure you have all noticed, it is the spring that never ends! Just when I think it is going to warm up and we start to see some sun, it rains. A shit ton. For at least three days, I swear! I have nearly lost my mind a few times but looking back on it now, I have to be grateful for this challenging weather. It has definitely helped me get better at thinking on my feet and coming up with an alternative plan. I have had a few couples that I have had to reschedule multiple times but with this unpredictable weather I have had to just roll with it and figure out how to use it to my advantage! Hard things only make us better at what we do, right? 

Kaitlyn and Tyler were one of those couples that I had to reschedule. Every time we had a date setup the weather was horrible, absolutely horrible. We were getting down to the wire because their wedding was coming up and we had to get their bridals done. We got to the day of their shoot and it was SO windy. We discussed it, talked about rescheduling again, but ultimately decided to roll with it and give it a shot. We braved the wind and honestly, it ended up working out in our favor! We obviously had to work the angles to make sure the wind was blowing in the right direction but when it was, it made for gorgeous pictures! The wind was really working with her hair, her dress, and of course her veil. We would position them very carefully so that the wind was blowing on them just right. You know, so the wind wasn’t blowing her hair into her face or blowing her dress up. Once we had them in the right spot, the wind would lift Kaitlyn’s veil in a way that was incredible, it was magical! It was floating so perfectly, this is Pinterest worthy veil action, people. I could not have created that effect without that much wind and it was all just a happy coincidence! Looking at the pictures, I can’t believe we almost cancelled because they turned out AMAZING and are some of my favorite pictures! I always try to make the best out of whatever situation I am in. Sometimes it rains on your wedding day and we have to roll with it and figure it out! I find that whenever I am in what I thought would be a compromising situation, I get amazing pictures out of it! What is it they say? Diamonds form under pressure. This shoot was a diamond for sure! I guess it just goes to show that sometimes you have to take a chance to get something beautiful out of it! 

Their first look was so sweet! His reaction when he saw her was PRICELESS. Like I said before, Kaitlyn and Tyler are so fun and the cutest couple. Fun fact: Kaitlyn isn’t a super touchy-feely person, with the exception of Tyler. I LOVE THAT. She isn’t a big hugger and doesn’t love to be touched but with Tyler, it’s visibly different. You can see it in their pictures, she is so comfortable with him and he makes her so happy! I think that is particularly sweet because it shows how comfortable they both are in their relationship. These are hands down some of my favorite photos. The wind, her dress, his reaction to the first look, it was all perfect. I am so excited for their upcoming wedding! These two are such a great couple and they are going to have such an amazing wedding, I can’t wait!