Idaho and Utah wedding | Green Wedding

I blogged about this couple’s bridal shoot a few weeks ago and there is a great story that goes along with that shoot. Take a minute to check it out if you haven’t because the story is hilarious, and the shoot is breath taking. To give you all an update from that situation, Lindsey opted to have eyelash extensions done professionally before the big day, so there was no lash situation this time (thankfully!) and Lindsey looked just as beautiful as she did for their bridal shoot. Their wedding was just as perfect as their bridal session was. Lindsey is gorgeous but the one thing that makes a bride look truly beautiful is the happiness and love that they are feeling, and she was GLOWING the entire day. They both were really. These two are visibly so happy and in love. They are the kind of couple that just looking at them your heart is breaking into a million pieces because they are so damn cute together. 

In all seriousness, this wedding was so great and let me tell you the number one reason why: Their families. Lindsey and Tony are both big family people. They are both so close with their families (no joke, they are so close they have family dinners every Sunday) and that was obvious from the get-go. They were sealed in the Logan, Utah Temple surrounded by family, and when I say surrounded by family, I mean SURROUNDED. There were so many people there outside the temple for pictures and they were all so happy for Lindsey and Tony It was awesome to see so much love and family support there and to be able to capture that so they can remember and feel that love for years to come. These two families were unique because they came together so seamlessly, they were just an awesome bunch! His family is incredible. I know his niece pretty well and so I was aware of how great his family was beforehand, but Lindsey’s family was just as awesome! 

Their reception was in Pocatello at the Rosewood Reception Center and it was beautiful! I have been to several weddings and receptions at Rosewood and it can truly look so different with each wedding. It is one of those places that you can use to make it completely your own. No two weddings I have been to there have been alike. The flowers at this reception were insane and so beautiful! They had such a great vibe and I have to talk about their first dance. The pictures of the first dance will make you wish you’d been there to see it in person. The sun was shining in through the window on them and it seriously looked like a dream. They looked so cute, and genuinely happy the entire dance. You can see the love in the pictures and being there in the room you could 100% feel it. I cannot say enough good things about this couple. They are so fun; Tony legit shoved so much cake in Lindsey’s face and she didn’t even have any cake in her hand, but she turned right around and got him back, which was hilarious! They are truly the sweetest, kindest, best people and they are perfect for each other! I got to shoot their engagements, which were so fun. Their bridals, which were perfect: I’m serious, their first look was so cute and if you haven’t seen it you are missing out! They are just perfect! These two are so in love and I am so glad I got to witness it firsthand! Have I ever mentioned that I love my job and the people I get to work with?

At the reception, the family love continued. A lot of the family members gave speeches that were unforgettable. I swear, literally every member of these families is witty. The speeches were so fun and had the best jokes (and if you know me at all, you know that I know a good joke when I hear one), but they were also so sweet and adorable. There was a lot of talk about what they were both like growing up and throughout their lives before they met. There were some really cute and funny stories but one thing that everyone talked about was how their lives have changed since they have been together and how great they are for each other. Their parents were so sweet and said that they waited SO LONG for this moment but now that it was finally here it just felt so right (I don’t think it’s a secret, these guys are a little older than your average LDS couple and it is the first marriage for both so that is why the parents felt that it was a little bit of a wait). Truly, worth the wait though because they are so right for each other and everyone knows it! I know I said it once, but I truly don’t know if I have ever seen two families come together the way these two did. The entire focus of this wedding was family which was so special and great to see two families come together to support this amazing couple. The family really did a great job to make the day all about Lindsey and Tony which was awesome. I am so genuinely excited to see what the future holds for this amazing couple!

Abbey Armstrongboise