Boise Idaho | Engagement Photos | Tiffany + Tyson

Quick question: Do you guys follow me on Instagram? Oh, you don’t? Okay, go do that, (Click Here) I’ll wait. If you do, then you may have seen some stories I did at a wedding about a year ago that was SO MUCH FUN. I am not always the best at posting behind the scenes but whenever there is a super fun dance party, it’s hard not to post about it! This wedding was a big ole’ party and everyone there was having a grand time. That’s where I met Tiffani and at the time, I remember she mentioned her cute boyfriend who she’d been with forever but, I had no clue we’d be shooting her engagements a year later! She reached out to me and commented on how much fun I was at that wedding. Sometimes when I am shooting, I get a little crazy. What can I say? I love to dance and get down at every wedding I possibly can, and this was definitely one of those weddings where it was all happening. It was lit and I did all the things! It was so fun and I’m so glad Tiffani was there! She is such a fun person to be around and I am so happy that they asked me to shoot their wedding next year IN MEXICO!

Let’s take a minute to talk about elopements. It seems like elopements are becoming very popular and honestly, they are. Eloping has changed a little bit because I think it used to mean that couples ran off, didn’t tell anyone what they were doing, and came back married. Now, people tend to plan their elopements in advance just like a normal wedding but typically they are much smaller, destination weddings. Sometimes the couple gets married alone with their officiant, other times they invite their families and close friends, there really are no rules when it comes to elopements but often, they are in some sort of destination location. Whether that destination is a beach somewhere in Mexico (holla!), or a mountain top in Jackson Hole, typically there is travelling involved. Elopements are typically very intimate and personal. People tend to compromise on some of the traditional wedding elements in exchange for a more private event. Some things I have noticed that people seem to not compromise on are the dress, and a photographer and/or a videographer. Which I am so thankful for. Whether the wedding party is big or small, people want to capture their memories so they can remember their special day for years to come. I love shooting elopements and I am stoked to be able to capture Tiffani and Tyson’s in Mexico! 

Okay, back to this adorable couple’s engagement session. These two are just the absolute cutest! They seem like one of those couples who are also best friends. They have so much fun together and that really showed up in their pictures. The whole time they were joking and making each other laugh. It was really so sweet. Tiffani is GORGEOUS. I don’t even have to say it, you can literally see how freaking pretty she is in these pictures, but I am going to anyway because I have to hype my brides whenever possible! Her hair is so freaking long and pretty. I love how her hair looks in these pictures especially the ones where you can see just how long and flowing it is! Who doesn’t want long, beautiful flowing hair? That is like every girl’s dream because Disney princesses have given us all unrealistic hair dreams. Unless you’re Tiffani then I guess those dreams are completely achievable. Tyson has the most genuine smile when he is smiling at Tiffani. You can see how truly happy he is and how happy they are together. This shoot was so perfect and fun. The weather was just right, the lighting was on point and these pictures turned out amazing! I seriously love these two! They have been together for like 7 bajillion years and they are FINALLY tying the knot. I think the timing could not be better. They both seem so happy and ready to take this next step together. 

I am so down for almost any destination wedding. Mexico elopement? HELL YES! If you are considering an elopement get in touch with me! I know there are a lot of questions when it comes to elopements and I am ready to help you in any way that I can! Let’s see if we can take a kick-ass wedding vacation together! I promise not to crash your honeymoon though haha. 

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