Pocatello Idaho | Engagement Photos | Tedi + Chance

I love shooting engagement sessions. Most of the time, engagements are the first time I get to meet a couple together in real life. Sometimes I get to meet them in advance, more often I meet brides, but it isn’t very often I get to meet both people before we get together to shoot engagements. That can be really nerve wracking for some people, especially grooms. I mean really, if you think about it, the idea of pictures is a little awkward. Like we are going to go out in the middle of nowhere to pose and kiss in front of a stranger while she takes pictures of us. I mean, you can kind of see why a lot of guys aren’t thrilled about the idea! But I try my hardest to make sure it isn’t stiff and awkward like that. I try to make my couples feel as comfortable as I can. Grooms always loosen up a little bit when I make an appropriately timed sex joke, gets em every time. Truthfully, I want to capture the real love between you and the quicker we break down some walls, the quicker we get to the real stuff! 

I also love engagements because it is the beginning of the beautiful friendship I get to form with my couples! I end up spending quite a bit of time with my couples and a lot of it is on one of the most important days of their lives and I kind of have to be all up in their grill to make sure everything is how it should be. I basically have to be close enough to tell people if they have a booger in their nose or if there is something in their teeth so we might as well get to know each other and have some fun while we are at it! It is also important that they feel comfortable with me so that they feel like they can be themselves in front of me because truthfully, those are the best pictures. Engagements are typically pretty low pressure, light-hearted, and fun. Which is a great way for us to get to know each other a little bit before the big day comes. 

Tedi and Chance are the sweetest couple. Tedi found me because I have done some shoots for her cousins in the past (who I love!) and she liked my work enough to ask me to capture their wedding! I love when someone has seen me work or when they’ve been referred by someone who has before they book with me. I feel like they have a better idea of who I am and what to expect from me personality wise. Tedi and Chance were a little bit nervous going into their engagement session but once we got acquainted, they warmed up and we ended up having so much fun together. What was so telling about these two was the minute they got into each other’s arms they were both so much more relaxed. From that point we were just hanging out, taking pictures and having fun! These two laughed so much during this shoot and it made for some of the cutest pictures! They were so happy together and you can really see it in their pictures. 

They are both incredible, kind people! I honestly felt like I have known them for a while. We all got along really well, and they were so easy to be around. These two have such a unique and special relationship. I think you can really catch a glimpse of that in these pictures, which I love! Let me mention, these pictures turned out so great not only in terms of how freaking cute they look but the lighting quality was on point! The sky was a little overcast which may seem like the opposite of what you want when taking pictures outside, but it actually makes for perfect picture lighting. When the sky is overcast, the sun is out and there is plenty of light, but it is covered by a thin layer of clouds so there is no harsh light to work around. When it is overcast, there are literally no shadows, meaning there are essentially no bad angles or squinty eyes, but there is also plenty of soft light. Soft light is where it’s at. I mean, nearly everything looks amazing under soft lighting with no shadows but these two looked incredible. This weather and lighting are literally the ideal situation for outdoor pictures, and I had the perfect couple to take advantage of that with!

 These two live in Boise but are from Pocatello and they are going to be getting married here. They are getting married at a gorgeous camp ground here, it’s called Camp Taylor and their wedding is going to be the best. They could not have picked a prettier location and I am so excited. This wedding is going to be the biggest party and I honestly can’t wait!