Places to Elope in Idaho

If you’re looking for an intimate elopement with your partner and a small group of those closest to you, you need look no further than Idaho. Idaho is a hidden gem for beautiful destinations, and that is perfect for those looking to elope. There are destinations all over the state, so don’t worry if you think one of the locations are too far, chances are there’s another beautiful spot close to you. Whether you’re looking for something close to the Boise Valley, nestled in the heart of Southeast Idaho, or the beautiful mountains and trees of the panhandle, Idaho and I have you covered in my Top Ten Elopement Locations in Idaho.

Redfish Lake

Among the peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains lies a sapphire-blue, shimmering body of water. Just a 20 minute drive from Stanley, this spot brings the privacy you want for your special day without being inaccessible! The view is absolutely stunning, and perfectly captures the scenic opportunity of the entire Pacific Northwest within one single location. The lake provides plenty of aquatic activities, and there are tons of hiking trails and places to wander. There are a number of accomodations in the area too, which is a nice bonus, because if you’re anything like me the moment you see the view you won’t ever want to leave!


In the middle of the wilderness of the Payette National Forest is a pretty little town called McCall, which happens to be one of my favorite elopement destinations in Idaho. Being in the middle of a national forest is a definite plus when you’re looking for a beautiful backdrop for your special day, and it doesn’t get much more beautiful. There are dozens of lakes, gardens, parks, and trails that help make your day the best it can be. Mccall is only a couple hour’s drive from Boise, which makes it very conveniently located.


Banks is a small town, barely even a town really, about an hours drive north of Boise. It’s a scenic area with a small tourist industry and not much else, and that’s for good reason: people from all over the Pacific Northwest come to see the beautiful scenery of the Payette River and the Boise National Forest. If you’re the type that likes outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, swimming, or soaking in amazing hot springs, this area would be the perfect destination for your elopement. The small town feel provides that perfect intimacy that you’re looking for when deciding a location.

Sun Valley

Sun Valley is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Idaho because of the beautiful scenery and the huge amount of accommodations and activities; this makes it a perfect spot for a romantic getaway on your special day! In the heart of Blaine County high in the mountains north of Twin Falls, Sun Valley is mostly known for its skiing, but there’s a lot more to do than that! Couples looking for an elopement destination can expect about every amenity imaginable, as the area is such a popular general tourist destination. This can be incredible for those that are looking for plenty to do on their getaway, but is not ideal for eloping couples that want a unique destination far away from it all.


Mackay is a little town west of the Pocatello/Idaho Falls region; it and the entire area around it is known for being beautiful, and wow it really is. The Craters of the Moon National Monument is just a short drive from Mackay, and that really shows you the beauty of the area. For those couples that want more of an isolated getaway to enjoy each other’s intimate company, this is the ideal spot. Just a short drive from the Sun Valley area, Mackay has all of the beautiful scenery with way less people! This is one of the best spots for nature loving couples that want to enjoy some time together while being left well alone by everyone else, and it’s one of my favorites.


The Palisades Reservoir originates from the Snake River and sits right on the Idaho/Wyoming border. The reservoir is located close to the Swan Valley area of Idaho, and Alpine, Wyoming. This makes it a convenient spot, as Idaho Falls is also relatively nearby and so is the Jackson Hole area, one of the most popular tourist destinations around. This means there’s plenty to do! For the outdoorsy, there’s tons of hiking trails, but the Palisades Reservoir is mostly known for its boating. All around it’s a great destination with something to do for everyone.

Island Park

Island Park is maybe the most well known general vacation destination in Idaho, and it is also very popular for elopements. Island Park is located right near the Yellowstone National Park, and that’s the main reason its so popular. This spot is a good mix of isolation, but not too much isolation. There is a tourist town that offers a connection to society, even while surrounded by the beautiful scenery of one of the most famous national parks in America, and typifies the beauty of the ‘foothills of the Rocky Mountains’ as some call it.


You really can’t get much prettier than northern Idaho, I think; the beautiful mountains and forest create a feeling of being surrounded by wilderness, and it’s even better in the winter. University of Idaho, the second largest college in the state, is known for attracting outdoorsy types, and that’s exactly correct. The town is right near the Washington border, and provides an access point for lots of surrounding areas. That makes it an ideal destination for anyone, but especially so for couples looking to elope!

Coeur d’Alene

Speaking of northern, Coeur d’Alene is another absolutely beautiful spot for an elopement! The beautiful lakes, Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Priest and others provide an incredible scenic backdrop for your day! As I said, I love the mountains and the trees of this area, and I’m sure you will too. The area is also home to another one of the largest Northern Idaho towns, Post Falls, and makes for a convenient location for anyone that lives in the area or wants to travel there. I highly recommend it!

Locations: Redfish, Mccall, Banks, Sun Valley, City of Rocks, Mackay, Palisades, Island Park, Moscow, Coeur d’Alene