Your Guide to Getting Married in Kuna, Idaho 

Kuna, Idaho is a town with a lot of charm. So much charm that Kuna is one of the fastest-growing areas in Idaho— from 2000 to 2010, the population of Kuna almost tripled! Though Kuna is attracting more and more residents, it still has a small town feel. Also, Kuna, which is still rather rural, is known to have some of the prettiest winery wedding venues in the state! 

Kuna is a lovely place to get married if you want a relaxed, pastoral vibe for your wedding. If you’re thinking of getting hitched in this adorable town, this guide to getting married in Kuna, Idaho is for you! In this guide, I’ll tell you about Kuna’s best wedding venues, discuss the pros and cons of getting married during each season in Kuna, and tell you a bit about what you can see and do in Kuna while you’re in town for your wedding. 

Wedding Venues in Kuna, ID

Let’s get right into it and talk about the fun stuff: Kuna’s wedding venues! If you’re looking for a vineyard wedding venue in Idaho, Kuna’s got ya covered. Kuna has three beautiful wineries where you can tie the knot. Also, Kuna also has a super unique venue: a castle venue! Let’s take a closer look at these top Kuna wedding venues. 

Sandstone Vineyards

We’ll start by going through the wineries! First up, we have Sandstone Vineyards, which is nothing short of otherworldly. 

Sandstone Vineyards has both outdoor and indoor spaces for your wedding, and the outdoor areas of Sandstone are truly something to behold. Sandstone’s grounds feature hundreds of trees, tons of blooming flowers, Koi ponds, pools, fountains, garden paths, and, of course, sprawling vineyards. Their grounds also have an absolutely gorgeous rustic vine covered arbor path, which is what you and your guests will walk though when you head to their ceremony area. On top of the beautiful scenery that graces every inch of Sandstone Vineyards, they also have some pretty incredible wines that are made right in house. 

Sandstone Vineyards gives you the best of two worlds: it has a rustic feel but it’s also pretty upscale. Because of that and because of Sandstone Vineyard’s many beautiful backdrops (seriously, there are almost endless places to take great, dreamy wedding pictures at this venue), I’d say that Sandstone Vineyards is not only one of the best wedding venues in Kuna, but also one of the best wedding venues in all of Idaho. 

Indian Creek Winery

Next up, we have Indian Creek Winery! Indian Creek is a winery that has a rich history. Indian Creek Winery has been owned by the same family since 1853 and it features the property’s original 1840 farmhouse, which was updated in 1853 and has been well maintained ever since. This original building, now surrounded by incredible vineyards, is called the Chateau and it’s one of the locations you’ll be renting if you have your wedding at Indian Creek. 

In addition to Indian Creek’s historic Chateau and beautiful vineyards, this location has some spectacular gardens, which feature hundreds of brightly colored dahlias that attract quite a lot of butterflies. 

Indian Creek Winery is absolutely beautiful and it also has a rustic, homey feel that will add a romantic, sentimental touch to your wedding. 

Vizcaya Winery 

Last up in our winery venues, we have Vizcaya Winery, an award-winning winery and quite a lovely place to have your wedding. Vizcaya Winery has four venues available for your wedding, including their rustic Picnic Shelter on their landscaped Lawn, their sheltered Deck, their Tasting Room, and their Barrel room. 

Vizcaya Winery is a bit more quant and rustic than the other two wineries I highlighted in this post. Personally, I think that could be a plus if you want your wedding to have a more intimate, rural vibe! But it all comes down to what you’re looking for for your wedding. If you want something more grand and fairytale-feeling, Sandstone Vineyards might be the right winery for your wedding. If you want a winery venue that feels rural and historic, Indian Creek could be your ideal fit. And if you want a winery that feels homey and rustic, Vizcaya Winery might be the one for you. 

The Castle Gardens 

Now, we move on to Kuna’s iconic castle venue: The Castle Gardens. Do you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day? Like, an actual princess? Or a Disney princess? Then the Castle Gardens are perfect for you. The ceremony spot at the Castle Gardens is right outside the castle itself, so you’ll have a straight-up fairytale backdrop for your wedding if you choose this famous Idaho wedding venue. 

On top of getting to enjoy the exterior of the Castle Gardens, which really does look like a medieval castle, you can enjoy its interior. Renting the Castle Gardens comes with access to a grand ballroom, where you can have your reception, and a Bridal Suite at the top of the castle. You’ll also get to enjoy the castle’s landscaped grounds (which do have gardens, as you might guess from the castle’s name) and lovely outdoor patio. 

What's the Best Season to Get Married in Kuna, Idaho? 

Now that we’ve covered Kuna’s best wedding venues, let’s talk seasons. So, what’s the best season to get married in Kuna? If you’ve read my Wedding Seasons Guide, you’ll already know that I think any season can be a great choice for your wedding, but I am partial to spring and summer. And I think that in Kuna, specifically, I lean even harder toward spring and summer for your wedding. 

The best wedding venues in the Kuna are really all about the pretty natural scenery of the venue (or the man-made castle scenery, which is also outside). So if you have your Kuna wedding in the spring or summer, it will be warm enough for you and your guests to spend a lot of time outside, where you can enjoy taking in the view of that vineyard or castle. 

However, that’s not to say that you can’t have a fall or winter wedding in the Boise-Kuna area! While I think that the warmer seasons are more ideal for throwing a Kuna wedding, you can absolutely make a fall or winter wedding amazing if you put in a little extra planning. During these colder seasons, you’ll want to limit the outdoor portion of your wedding to your ceremony, then make sure your guests can quickly move indoors. 

Also, there are advantages to fall and winter weddings. For example, it might be cold out in the winter but getting wedding portraits taken in front of a snow-capped vineyard will make your pictures look breathtaking. So while I think that spring and summer are more ideal seasons for a Kuna wedding, if you want a fall or winter aesthetic for your Kuna wedding, you should go for it!

What to Do in Kuna, ID 

It’s lovely to walk down the aisle in Kuna, but there’s plenty more to do than just get married in this rapidly growing small town. Here are some highlights of things you may want to enjoy while you’re in Kuna! 

Note: Kuna is right next to some of Idaho’s biggest cities, including Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. So, needless to say, there’s a ton to do in these nearby cities if you’re down for a short drive. But for the sake of this post, I’m going to focus on local attractions that are within Kuna city limits, since there’s still plenty to do right in Kuna.

Visit Indian Creek 

Indian Creek is a popular watering hole (literally) for locals in Kuna. Indian Creek runs through a large swath of Idaho and there are so many water activities you can enjoy at this river. In Kuna, floating Indian Creek is very popular, as is paddle boarding, kayaking, and just going for a good old-fashioned swim. 

Go Golfing at Falcon Crest

Kuna is home to some great golf courses so, if you enjoy a little tee time, you might want to head to a Kuna course while you’re in town. Falcon Crest Golf Course is a popular golf course in Kuna and it has three courses on site: the Falcon Crest Championship Course, the Freedom Course, and the Robin Hood Course. 

Head Into the Kuna Caves 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may want to explore the Kuna Caves. The Caves are technically lava tubes, which means that they were created by wide streams of lava flows. Exploring the Kuna Caves is a pretty quick excursion, as the pathway is only about quarter mile long and much of that is inaccessible unless you want to crawl around. But still, the Kuna Caves are a very interesting natural wonder and a great place to take pictures. 

Visit a Winery 

There are some great winery wedding venues in Kuna, which are also great to just stop by and visit for a tasting. On top of Indian Creek Winery, Vizcaya Winery, and Standstone Vineyards, which I highlighted earlier in this post as wedding venues, there’s also Syringa Winery, a fantastic winery that doesn’t have a wedding venue space. All of these wineries have award winning wines that they make right in house! So if you’re a vino fan, you may want to do a self-guided winery tour while you’re in town. 

Go Horseback Riding 

There are a bunch of stables in Kuna and many of them offer horseback riding and horseback riding lessons. So if you’re an equestrian (or you want to take your first horseback riding lesson), you can consider stopping by stables like SHH Stables or JC Performance Horses. 

Head to Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area 

Kuna borders the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, a massive conservation area. If you’re a nature lover, you may want to stop by and check out the serene views of the canyon or do some birdwatching and see if you can spot some birds of prey. 

Enjoy the Kuna Days Festival 

If you’re in Kuna during the first weekend of August, you should definitely swing by the Kuna Days Festival, which is the town’s largest festival of the year. Kuna Days features live music, lots of local vendors, a kids carnival, a parade down Main Street, a fireworks show, and much more. 

Go Hiking 

Like many of Idaho’s more rural towns, Kuna has some amazing hiking trails. Some popular trails in Kuna include the Indian Creek Greenbelt and Initial Point. 

Head to the Park 

There are plenty of parks in Kuna that you can head to for a little rest and relaxation. One great park is Nicholson Park, which has a small pond where you can fish or just chill by the water. There’s also Kuna Greenbelt, which is a large park that rests alongside Indian Creek

Final Thoughts on Getting Married in Kuna, Idaho 

This rounds up my guide to getting married in Kuna, Idaho! Kuna is such a lovely place to have a wedding and start the next chapter of your life as a married couple. It’s a picturesque smaller town with a friendly, homey vibe, but Kuna is still sizable enough to have some great wedding venues and for there to be plenty to do around town. 

What do you think of the Kuna wedding venues I highlighted in this post? Would you go for a winery venue or that iconic castle venue? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the best wedding venues in Kuna so please reach out if you have anything you’d like to share! Weddings are my favorite thing and I love chatting about them. 

Also, if you’re looking for a Kuna wedding photographer, I’d love to shoot your wedding! While I’m based in Pocatello, Idaho, I often travel to shoot weddings and I’d be thrilled to get you some amazing, dreamy, authentic shots of your wedding. If you want to learn more about how shooting with me works click here or click here to see my portfolio.