You + Your new babe

Starting this fun little journey of life together.

Moms, dads, humans of the world, babies run this place. currently they are dictating what youre eating, how tired you are, when youre sleeping, when youre peeing, I mean guys they are literally RUNNING THIS WORLD. Or at least yours. But isn’t it so perfect all at the same time? Why not have every step of that journey caught on camera? To remember those hours of random trips to the store for weird cravings, to the forty holy shit this might be happening, to the last push, and of course all the snuggles after? You want to remember this time. and girl, I am ready for you. Lets do it together.



Embrace the new belly, the kicks, the hiccups, the back pain, the random movements, and all the in-between. Maternity photos show you what you started your journey with.



After starting your journey, then comes the fight. The hard work, and the uphill climb to get that little scrumptious babe here. Lets remember how strong you are, and say Hell YES. I DID THAT.



Then after the uphill battle, you get all the kisses and cuddles. You get the little toes, the cute baby sounds, all of it. and again, you get to look back and say I DID THAT.

I would love nothing more than to be apart of this journey. Let’s chat about it. Ask all the questions. Im ready!

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