McCall, Idaho Wedding Guide 

McCall, Idaho is one of the most beautiful towns in Idaho— and that’s really saying something, because we have a lot of beautiful towns in the Gem State. McCall is an all-season resort town that sees many thousands of visitors each year. All year long, people flock to McCall to enjoy the town’s breathtaking scenery, excellent outdoor activities, relaxing resorts, and awesome culinary scene. 

Also, because McCall is a resort town, it has a dizzying amount of great wedding venues. McCall’s got lakeside venues, barn venues, golf course venues, venues in private communities, and tons of lodge venues with jaw-dropping views from up in the mountains. With so many incredibly gorgeous places to get hitched and some of the best countryside in the state, McCall is one of the best places in Idaho to get married. 

 If you’re planning a wedding in McCall, ID, I’m here to help! In this post, I’ll highlight some of the best wedding venues in McCall, give you my thoughts on which season you should choose for your McCall wedding, and give you some highlights of things you can see and do while you’re in town tying the knot. 


Great Wedding Venues in McCall, Idaho 

 Shore Lodge

The Shore Lodge resort is a full service wedding venue that’s right on Payette Lake, looking over the Salmon River Mountains. The Shore Lodge is absolutely charming— it’s the perfect blend of rustic, man-made elegance and natural beauty. On top of being extraordinarily pretty both inside and out, the Lodge has great food and is a particularly good venue if you’re having a destination wedding, as they have plenty of rooms onsite to accommodate your guests. 

 River Ranch House

 The River Ranch House is located in the River Ranch subdivision community. This lovely, sizable cabin comes with access to an outdoor ceremony site that rests along a small lake. The lake will be your backdrop at your ceremony, as will Jughandle Mountain, which rises majestically behind the ceremony site.  

 River Ranch House has a charming, log cabin vibe, yet it’s also a bit upscale. So if you have your wedding at the River Ranch House, you’ll have all the beauty of the country but you’ll still have access to some luxurious amenities within the house itself.

 The Historic Roseberry 

 The Historic Roseberry is a classic (and historic, hence the name) barn venue. The Roseberry is a traditional red barn that’s trimmed in white, which will pop beautifully against a clear blue summer sky. Ceremonies are held outside the barn, while your reception will move inside this spacious, rustically beautiful structure. 

 Note: Unlike many other wedding venues in McCall, the Historic Roseberry is only open during the warmer times of the year (specifically, you can book there during May through October). Also, the Historic Roseberry tends to book up really quickly, so if you want to snag a spot at this very popular venue, you should make your reservation as far in advance of your wedding as possible. 

 Brundage Mountain Resort

 Brundage Mountain is a mountain resort venue that has several different wedding package options. One of their most popular packages is called The Ultimate Summit Wedding Experience. As a part of this package, you and your guests will take a relaxing chairlift ride up to the mountain’s summit, where you’ll get married in a very scenic spot. The ceremony site at the summit is surrounded by mountaintops and overlooks Brundage’s many mountain lakes. Then, after your ceremony, you’ll head back down on the chairlifts to take the party to one of Brundage Mountain’s many reception venues (and they do have both indoor and outdoor venues for your reception). 

 No Business Lodge 

 The No Business Lodge is an upscale, yet still homey and unpretentious, lodge with a gorgeous view. This lodge is nestled on a ridge that overlooks West Mountain and the Payette River. In addition to having great views, the No Business Lodge has hundreds of blooming wildflowers, ten acres of well-maintained lawns, and a great wedding package. 

 The wedding package at No Business Lodge includes private use of their lodge, bar, and the entire 10 acre property for your whole wedding weekend. Additionally, it comes with private river access and access to a hot tub underneath the stars. The lodge has six bedrooms that can accommodate you and your dearest guests and they also offer transportation services for your guests who will be staying elsewhere in town. 

 McCall Lake Cruises 

 For those who are looking for a wedding venue that’s fun and unique, there’s McCall Lake Cruises. If you choose this venue, you’ll float down Payette Lake on a large, decorated boat as you say “I do.” While this isn’t an all day venue (their wedding packagesrange from 2 to 4 hours of cruise time), it would work well for just the ceremony portion of your wedding. And then after your wedding cruise, you can head to your reception destination.

 Note: This venue would be for smaller weddings only, as the boat can only accommodate up to a maximum of 85 guests. 

 Jug Mountain Ranch 

 Jug Mountain Ranch is another private residential community with a great wedding venue. At Jug Mountain Ranch, 75% of the 1,410 acre area is comprised of wide open, beautiful green space. On top of having tons of pretty untouched nature, Jug Mountain Ranch has a championship golf course, miles of trails, and a lovely ceremony site. The ceremony site at Jug Mountain Ranch has a unique wooden arch that will add some dramatic, yet still rustic flair to your ceremony’s backdrop. 

 Kelly’s Whitewater Park 

is a beloved kayaking spot along the Payette River that you can also rent as a private space for your wedding. The Payette River is beautiful across all of McCall but at Kelly’s Whitewater Park, it has some special details. There, the river is set with hundreds of large white stones, which look pretty magical in wedding shots. 

 Bear Creek Lodge Resort

 Bear Creek Lodge is a log cabin style lodge that’s nestled in the Payette National Forest. This venue is available for your wedding during any season— but, I will say, this is one that really shines in winter, when the forest is capped with snow. They have numerous spaces you can reserve for your wedding and their grounds feature a large-heart shaped pond, a gazebo, and a sizable fire pit. 

 What’s the Best Season to Get Married in McCall, Idaho?

 McCall is a popular resort destination all year long. But which season is the best to get married in McCall? Does one season trump the rest when it comes to weddings? In general, I would say that I think summer and spring are the best seasons to get married in Idaho. But McCall might be a rare exception to my opinion on the best seasons to get married in Idaho. Winter is so beautiful in McCall—and the town is so well-equipped to help you enjoy winter in a luxurious way— that I would add winter to my list of great seasons to get married in McCall. 

 So, spring, summer, and winter are my favorite seasons for a McCall wedding. Spring and summer are great seasons to have your wedding for obvious reasons. The weather is warm, the flowers are in bloom, and it’s so lovely to spend time in the sun enjoying the perfectly picturesque scenery of McCall. Whether you’re up in the mountains or down in town enjoying a view of Payette Lake, it’s just fantastic to get to enjoy McCall’s naturally stunning landscape when the weather is great. 

 Then, there’s winter. Winter can be a trickier season to have your wedding in Idaho, since it does get very cold here. But McCall is one of the best towns to have a winter wedding in Idaho because it’s a winter resort town. There are lots of great, gorgeous venues that are used to hosting winter celebrations and they’ll know how to help you and your guests stay comfortable during the coldest season. And there’s something that’s just so magical about having snow at your wedding— and in your wedding pictures. It adds a romantic, fairytale feel to any wedding. 

 While I would say that spring, summer, and winter are better seasons to have your wedding in McCall, fall isn’t a bad season! It just has fewer advantages when you compare it to the other seasons in McCall. Spring and summer have amazing weather (fall weather is very unpredictable in McCall) and winter has that magical, snowy backdrop. However, fall weddings in McCall can be beautiful, especially if you pick a venue that has a lot of trees. So while I think other seasons might be more ideal for McCall specifically, if you want a fall McCall wedding, go for it! 

 Local Attractions and Things to Do in McCall, Idaho 

 Since McCall is a resort spot, there’s plenty to do while you’re in town for your wedding. The town is basically designed to make sure you have fun while you’re visiting. To give you an idea of what you and your wedding guests could do in town, here’s a list of local attractions in McCall, ID! 

 Enjoy a Dip in the Hot Springs

 Hot springs are big in McCall, thanks to their natural prevalence in the region. And though the hot springs are natural, there are many hot springs that also have adjacent changing rooms and restrooms to make your visit more comfortable. Before you head to a nearby hot spring, remember to check to see if it’s open while you’re in town. While some McCall hot springs are open all year round, others are seasonal. 

 Visit Payette Lake 

 Payette Lake is the large, placid lake in the northern region of town. At Payette Lake, you can enjoy lots of water activities, like swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, water skiing, or jet skiing. You can also spend some time on the shore of Payette Lake and relax on its sandy beaches, go hiking or trail running, go mountain biking, enjoy a picnic, or take some beautiful pictures of the scenery. 

 Take a Hike 

 There are many great hiking trails in McCall if you want to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. In the McCall area, there are over 500 public trails, many of which run alongside lakes and streams. In addition to the trails around Payette Lake, some great trails around McCall include the Twin Lakes trail, the three Hazard Lake trails, Goose Creek Falls (this one has a waterfall), and Box Lake. 

 Visit Charlie’s Garden 

Charlie’s Garden is a hidden gem that’s tucked away in a forest alongside Payette Lake. There, you’ll find beautifully arranged paths, waterfalls, streams, and so many different types of plants. Charlie’s Garden is a lovely place to visit and just enjoy a moment of tranquility. 

 Enjoy the Snow

 Winter in McCall is all about taking advantage of the area’s snowfall. McCall gets over 300 inches of snowfall each year, which is high even for Idaho. So what can you do to enjoy the snow in McCall? A lot! For one thing, you can ski or snowboard at Little Ski Hill or Brundage Mountain, which is known to have some of the best slopes in the United States. You can also ride snowmobiles, check out the annual ice sculpting contest, head to the Winter Carnival, walk a winter-friendly trail, go to a hot spring, and much more. 

 Manchester Ice & Event Center 

 If you’re a fan of great ice skating or hockey playing, head to the Manchester Ice & Event Center to take in some excellence on the ice. Or, if you want to get in on the fun yourself, swing by during their public skate times, when you can ice skate or ride in ice bumper cars. 

 Final Thoughts on Planning Your Wedding in McCall 

 McCall is so stunning all year long. Whether you’re out basking in the beauty of Payette Lake in warmer weather or taking in that crisp mountain air during the cooler seasons, McCall is just gorgeous! And there are truly so, so many great wedding venues in McCall. What do you think of the ones I highlighted in this post? Did I miss any incredible spots that you think I should share? If you have any thoughts on this post, please send me a message— I’d love to hear from you! 

 Also, if you want to get some amazing wedding pictures at your McCall wedding… *raises hand* I’m available! I’m a Pocatello-based wedding photographer but I love to travel to shoot and would be thrilled to be your McCall wedding photographer. If you want to see some examples of my authentic, dreamy shooting style, head over to my portfolio. Or if you’re ready to book, contact me here.