Abbey Armstrong Photography

Hi! I’m Abbey.

I am a wedding/elopement photographer and videographer based in Pocatello, Idaho. However, I’m so much more than that. I am your friend, your person, and your best damn hype woman. To sum it up: I’m your girl.

I promise to do every damn thing that I can to set you up to have a successful day with amazing photos. The day of any wedding can get crazy and the last thing you need to worry about is your picture’s.

Planning is key! To prep for your day, we will discuss your wants and needs. I need to know what things are the most important to you. Once I have a feel for it, I will make sure that you know everything I need to accomplish the task. Lists are my best friend (and yours too). We will go over shot lists (to make sure that we get all the photos you and your family want), and I will give you a list of items that I will need prepped to photograph (rings, bouquet, etc). From there, I will be able to give you a timeline for how long photos will take. By planning beforehand I can help you stay on schedule so we don’t miss any of your special moments and your day stays on track. I am the biggest advocate for the success of your day. Photography is my profession, but people are my passion.

Im here for you, and your family.


Me, you, your people, us.

  • I put all my energy into every session and every wedding. EVERYTHING I do is for you.

  • I have fun, I swear, I make sex jokes, I do whatever I can to make sure you feel comfortable and help you forget the camera . (Let’s be clear, I know there is a time and a place for swearing and sex jokes. No worries, I will keep it rated PG in front of your grandma. But you can rest assured I ALWAYS have fun!)

  • I am here for you. I will hold your hair if you puke (yes this happens… damn tequila), I will rally with you when you’re ready, and I will dance right alongside you.

  • I love to hype my clients up! I will make sure that you know how good you look, and that you know how amazing everything is going to be on your day.

  • I don’t deal with bull shit. If you need me to be outspoken and boss people around, say the word.