An Opportunity to Relive It Over And Over

I take photos that help you remember the moments you experienced. And videos give you the context for

the ones that happened when you weren’t looking. My video team will give you the chance to see your

whole day, not just the highlights. From start to nish, we are there to tell the full story. We make lms

that bring you right back to how you felt. You’ll see your mom’s face as you walk down the aisle, your

partner’s reaction to the gift you delivered that morning, and yep, even Uncle Bill



Kristen and Layton are the perfect example of high school sweethearts. They have been stuck at the hip since they were 15. This day and the people who celebrated it with them were waiting for this for YEARS, so when it finally happened, the party and the love were unreal. Basically, a chick flick scenario here. And this location? Oh it’s just there BACKYARD! welcome to Idaho people. its insane! But clearly, incredible.


Jayden and Dakota are another high school sweet heart love story. From a small town in Idaho, to traveling the world these two have been everywhere together. Now they get to do it for the rest of their lives and with the same last name! I mean even though changing your name can be a pain in the ass, at least they can match passports now #relationshipgoals? Any way, this day, this location, and these people were so fun, so welcoming, and I couldn’t be more in love with them!


Madi and Missael have a funny history, Madi actually denied Missael for a solid 2 years before she even started to consider him someone she would date! Once they got into college they began cheering together and of course, here we are! Now they have the cutest dogs, and the best memories to laugh about. The day was spent dancing, crying, and enjoying all the friends and family, but most importantly it was a day for these two. A day they will never forget.