That’s me, your main bitch Abbey. 


So, either you’re here because you are a curious person, or your here because you went to book with me and realized you should probably read about the kooky girl who is going to take your pictures before you commit! Either way, it is a good thing you are here! I just want to make sure that you like me, and how I do my work. If you don’t, that is okay! I try my best to make sure you love your photos, but learned early on that I just can’t make everyone happy. For those who I can make happy, they are my bitches.

With that being said, clearly, I swear. I swear a lot. I find swear words as a way of expression. Of course, there is a time and place. Obviously, certain ears should not hear them, and certain places it should not be said. I promise I will know when that is. Other than that, free game for me.

Next, I love to hype women up!  I will make sure that you know how good you look, and everyone else in the room will know how good you look. If you need some alone time, I will make sure that you are by yourself real quick. I will hold your hair if you puke (yes this happens, damn tequila). I will dance right along side of you. Especially if no one else is, or if everyone else, is I will still make sure to get in there too!

Basically, I am someone who can dance to anything like it is “Miss New Booty” by Bubba Sparks. (If you haven’t listened to this, you need to!)  No matter what it is, and with no questions asked, I GOT YOU!!

I am very awkward. I am the fool in ALL situations that everyone laughs at. Which is TOTALLY fine with me. I am good at being the ass hat of the group. If people want to laugh at me, that is totally fine, because I am laughing at myself too. Personally, I think I am hilarious.

I have a sick obsession with organization, but I am the most chaotic person. I run a thousand miles per hour. I will ask everyone there names at least 3 times, but you can bet your ass that my crackers are neatly stacked in a clear container, on the 3rd shelf, and on the right in my pantry. I know, its sick, but I love it.

If I am not catering to my crazy organization obsession, I am talking to my dog, Bella about my day. I even reply to myself, as if she is speaking back to me with an accent. She is my life, and I talk to her more than anyone else.

I am very much a introverted extrovert. I can go days without human contact, and it not even feel weird. After a wedding or other photography/videography session, I literally have to decompress and not look at humans for a good 24 hours. I put so much energy and emotion into my sessions, that it takes everything out of me. That is good for you, because that means that you are getting my all in your session!

The sessions where I am spending time with you, documenting and creating photos that your kids, and their kids, and then their kid’s kids, and etc., can look at that photo/video and relive that moment with you, is why I do what I do. I get to be apart of you for YEARS. That is why I want you to know what you are getting my everything put into your pictures and videos when you hire me.

If you don’t mind the swear words, the crazy hyper woman that is obsessed with her pantry, the girl who talks to her dog, and can get low to Alicia Keys, please head back to that inquiry page! I would love to get to know you and your people.

Let’s make it happen! Your main bitch—Abbey


If you don’t mind the swear words, the crazy hype woman that is obsessed with her pantry, and the girl who talks to her dog and can get low to Alicia Keys, head back to that booking page and lets make it happen. Love you lots.

Your main bitch — Abbey