That’s me, your girl Abbey. 

I’m so stoked you’re here! I want to tell you a little bit about me because it is important to make sure that you and I are a good fit. I’m your girl, for your whole day. You are important to me. That means whatever is important to you is important to me. Your family is important to me, your people are my people. I’ve got you. 

Keep reading, there’s more you’ve got to know! 

  • Dancing, yep. Count me in. No explanation needed.

  • Swear words are my thing. They’re emphasizing words, tell me a sentence when you cant use one and I’ll show you how to fit it in.

  • I am loud, I like to lead, but at the same time I live my best life wrapped in a blanket like a taco in the dark binging the next have to watch show on Netflix.

  • I can get along with literally everyone. Its the best worst thing ever, because a 5 minute grocery trip could turn into a 3 hour long conversation with someone I may have gone to elementary school with.

  • I tend to just word vomit, so awkward phrases and sarcasm aren’t something I am typically short of.

  • Because of the above, I laugh at myself on the daily. (feel free to laugh at me too, I am sure Ill be right there with you)

  • I am a giver. I give, and give, and give. At the end of the day, my cup is full. Words of affirmation is my love language and it shows… sometimes to a fault but it is who I am. 

  • I am a dog lover through and through. My little girl Bella is everything and then some to me. So don’t forget to bring yours if you have one. I just want to love them all.

  • My pantry is organized down to the spices, and my closet is color coordinated. Its just how my brain works. Organization is key in my life or functioning as a human being isn’t going to happen.

  • LISTS. ARE. MY. LIFE. its how I function, and “how I don’t lose my head” as my mother would say.


If you don’t mind the swear-happy, crazy hype woman, that loves to dance, then head to that booking page and let’s make it happen. Love you lots.

Your main bitch — Abbey


Where do I begin? Abbey is incredible to work with. She did our engagement and wedding photos and exceeded our expectations on capturing such an important day! She naturally radiates positive energy and is so fun to work with! Our pictures were returned to us extremely quickly and they are something we will cherish for a lifetime! Thank you Abbey! 

Hailey+ Dallin