Abbey Armstrong Photography

That’s me, your girl —Abbey.

(Not the dog, the blonde in the hat. obviously)

I’m so stoked you’re here! When I say I’m your girl, I’m mean I’m your go-to.

Your go-fer. Your will-do-can-do-any-thing for your whole wedding day.

You are my sole priority. That means that whatever is most important to you is most important to me. If that

means your family, then I’ll dance with grandpa until he’s smiling. If that means your little doggy, then I’ll pack

treats in my camera bag. If it means you wanna party, then damnit, pour me a shot. You’re it, dudes.

You and your people are my people.

I’ve got you.


My mom says it’s how I don’t “lose my head.”

I say it’s how I keep your wedding day runnin’ like a dream.

Naturally, here’s a list about me:

  • Dancing, yep. Count me in.

  • I can turn a 5-minute grocery run into a 3-hour conversation with a stranger

  • I’m never in short supply of awkward phrases and sarcasm.

  • I laugh at myself daily. Join me!

  • I believe swear words are just emphasizing words. Show me a sentence where you think one wouldn’t work and I’ll show you how to get it in.

  • I have a dog-daughter Bella. She is everything to me. If you have a dog and don’t bring it with you to your shoot, I will possibly never forgive you. (better come with a good reason, like REAL good)

  • My spices are alphabetized, my closet is color coded. Organization is the name of my game and literally how I function as a human.

    Alright you get the gist.

    If you want to read about my past brides dancing with me, go for it!

    Or if you want to get this show on the road and hit ya girl up, get at me already!


Where do I begin? Abbey is incredible to work with. She did our engagement and wedding photos and exceeded our expectations on capturing such an important day! She naturally radiates positive energy and is so fun to work with! Our pictures were returned to us extremely quickly and they are something we will cherish for a lifetime! Thank you Abbey!

Hailey+ Dallin


Babe quit keeping it all in your head.

Hit me with your word vomit about all things wedding.

Ill put it in a list, clear up the fuzzy parts, and make this shit happen!

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I worked my ass off, and in 2019 I won the front page of Rocky Mountain Bride! I am BEYOND thankful for everyone who has supported me, and continue to support me. I couldn’t do it with out you guys!

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