That’s me, your main bitch Abbey. 

I’m so stoked you’re here. Lets make sure we are a good fit. Im your girl for your whole day and I want to show you why. You are important to me. Your family is important to me. I’ve got you.


I put all my energy into every session. Every wedding. and EVERYTHING I do, is for you

  • swear, I have fun, I make sex jokes, I do whatever I need to do take make sure you and your family have the best day. There is a time and place for the swearing and sex joke, so no worries. But I will always have fun!

  • I will hold your hair if you puke (yes this happens, damn tequila), and I will dance right along side of you.


I love to hype my clients up!  I will make sure that you know how good you look, and let you know how amazing everything is going to be on this day.

  • I don’t deal with bull shit. If you need me to be the person bossing people around I can be that.

  • I am a giver. I give give give. and at the end of the day, my cup is full. Its my love language sometimes to a fault but it is who I am.


If you don’t mind the swear words, the crazy hype woman, the girl that loves to dance, head back to that booking page and lets make it happen. Love you lots.

Your main bitch — Abbey


Where do I begin? Abbey is incredible to work with. She did our engagement and wedding photos and exceeded our expectations on capturing such an important day! She naturally radiates positive energy and is so fun to work with! Our pictures were returned to us extremely quickly and they are something we will cherish for a lifetime! Thank you Abbey! 

Hailey+ Dallin