Abbey Armstrong Photography

Everybody needs a go to human.

I’m your girl..and my name is Abbey.

I photograph weddings in Pocatello, Idaho. Also basically everywhere else in Idaho and anywhere you need me.

Who I am for you.

The best hype women, or the best fly on the wall

Babe, I get it. planning is not the fun part. But I am the fun part of planning.

We can talk timeline, vendors, and all the other details in-between.

I may have done this once or twice over the last 3 years, so I know my way around.

Don’t need lists? cool. need a list of everything? done. Need someone loud to gather family? Yup. Thats me.

Someone who just listens and says it will be okay? I’ve got you.

Who I am for me.

My best self, is when I can give you my all.

I am a organizing, list making, dog loving, Netflix binging, Tjmaxx shopping Idaho girl.

With all of these things in my life, I can show up for you. However that is, I am there for you.

I just need a little shopping trip or a Netflix binge too.(insert: Girl shrugging emoji)

Im here for you, and your family.


Me, you, your people, us.

  • I put all my energy into every session and every wedding. EVERYTHING I do is for you.

  • I have fun, I swear, I make sex jokes, I do whatever I can to make sure you feel comfortable and help you forget the camera . (Let’s be clear, I know there is a time and a place for swearing and sex jokes. No worries, I will keep it rated PG in front of your grandma. But you can rest assured I ALWAYS have fun!)

  • I am here for you. I will rally with you when you’re ready, and I will dance right alongside you.

  • I love to hype my clients up! I will make sure that you know how good you look, and that you know how amazing everything is going to be on your day.

  • I don’t deal with bull shit. If you need me to be outspoken and boss people around, say the word.